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The Ontario Government also provides a variety of programs and services for newcomers working in regulated professions. Each link below will take you to a page with information and resources on how to get licensed, get help and find work in that profession in Ontario.

Regulated Professions

The following professions are regulated in Ontario. To work in a regulated profession, you must be registered by the appropriate regulatory body. You may be able to work in a related field without a licence, but you should first check with the regulatory body to understand what restrictions exist. It is illegal to use the job title restricted to regulated professions without a licence or certificate from the appropriate regulatory body.

Professions With Protected Titles

The "Right to Title" entitles a member of a designated professional association to use a protected title, when representing themselves in professional matters. This is a symbol of professional integrity that colleagues, employers, and the informed public trust and regard as an assurance of the quality of services provided.

Did You Know?

Many professions in Ontario are not regulated by law, but do have voluntary professional bodies. Some of these organizations may offer certification courses and registration, which can help you find work.

Regulated Non-Health Professions

Non-Health Professions With Protected Titles

Did You Know?

Global Experience Ontario (GEO) helps internationally trained and educated individuals in regulated non-health professions find out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario.

Regulated Health Professions

Did You Know?

HealthForceOntario offers a number of services to health professionals, including a recruitment centre and jobs listing service.

Learn how you can practise as a regulated health professional in Ontario with our career maps. You will also find useful information on entry to practice requirements on the HealthForceOntario website.

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